Larkin was a photographer of some merit. This selection of photographs represent a small proportion of the vast archive held by Hull History Centre, and reveal much about Larkin's interests, life and favourite places.

All images used with the kind permission of the Larkin Estate and the Society of Authors.
They include some familiar and surprising views of Hull and the East Riding, images of Larkin’s companion, Monica Jones, and self portraits of the poet. The images recall some of Larkin’s best loved poems – the ladies peering into the shop window of The Large Cool Store, and the views of Pearson Park that Larkin would have seen from his High Windows.
Self Portrait
Pram in Pearson Park
Pond in Pearson Park
Statue in the snow, Pearson Park
Monica cinema , Newland Avenue

The General Cemetery, Spring Bank West
Angel in the General Cemetery
Grave stones in the General Cemetery
Shop window
Ships on the River Hull

Larkin's Frogs
Hull tattoo shop
Hull drain
Monica Jones at Cottingham station

Fountain at Queens Gardens
Staff at the University Library
Construction of the Brynmor Jones Library
Construction of the Brynmor Jones Library 2

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