Larkin with Toads was a mass participation public art extravaganza - the biggest that Hull has ever seen. On July 17 2010 a myriad of brightly coloured giant Toads, decorated by artists and community groups, popped up across the city.
Taking Philip Larkin's poems Toads and Toads Revisited as inspiration, each toad was sponsored by a local business. The Toads were sold at auction at the end of the project, raising £50,000 for local charities and good causes.
Maritime Toad
Global Pop Toad
Kiss Me Quick Toad
10 - 5 Toad
Punkphibian Toad

Space Hopper Toad
Tiger Toad
The LarKin Toad
The Hidden Toad
Fish & Chips Toad

Painting Tiger Toad
Painting Squatwit Toad
Squatwit Toad in location
Painting the Neat Toad
Hull Fair Toad in warehouse

Painting the Cityscape Toad
Artists in warehouse
Couple kissing over the Hull Folk Toad
Tiger Toad in Hull Truck Theatre
Toad painting

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