The two Larkin Trail videos shown here each reveal the ways in which Philip Larkin still inspires artists to this day.  Classlane Media created their short film, based on Larkin’s poem Here for Larkin25. Narrated by Hull born acting legend Sir Tom Courtenay, with a score by local musician Louise Bennett, the film presents viewers with a unique interpretation of the poem’s journey across the East Yorkshire landscape. In the second video, creator of the Larkin sculpture, Martin Jennings, describes his creative process and the inspiration behind the landmark artwork at Hull’s Paragon Interchange.
Here by Classlane Media with Sir Tom Courtenay. Directed by Dave Lee, Score by Louise Bennett, Camera David Stubbins, Editor Andrew Olssen © 2010 Classlane Media
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Interview with Martin Jennings by Midas PR
© 2010 Midas PR
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